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Are the Giants Ruining the Tank?

With the New York Giants latest win, they are still mathematically alive in the playoff race, despite what has been a disappointing season, with a record of 4-8. However, their chances of actually making the playoffs are slim to none.

While the goal for every team in sports is to win, if you haven’t reached that goal, the goal shifts towards losing, in order to get a higher draft pick to rebuild, otherwise known as, “tanking”.

The Giants were expected to tank once they started losing this season, and focus on receiving a higher draft pick to take a quarterback in next year’s draft. While the 2019 quarterback class is not expected to be as talented as the 2018 draft’s quarterbacks, there are still quarterbacks that could prove to be the answer for the Giants, such as Justin Herbert from Oregon and Drew Lock from Missouri.

The Giants could have had a quarterback in the 2018 draft, passing on a few of the top quarterbacks that went in the draft, especially Sam Darnold, who was selected by the Jets with the next pick. However, the Giants chose Saquon Barkley, who is a favorite to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, and will be a solid piece for the Giants for years to come. With that, the Giants need to add their quarterback of the future in next year’s draft and hope that they can tank in order to do that.

However, the Giants winning last week goes against the method of tanking, and it could be detrimental to their chances of receiving a high draft pick. It is always a dilemma for teams that are on the verge of winning and losing, and a decision is to be made whether they want to contend or rebuild.

In this instance, the Giants should rebuild, due to their consecutive losing seasons, and the declining play of Eli Manning. The Giants are in a better situation than some rebuilding teams, due to the fact that they have two star offensive players in Barkley and Odell Beckham, Jr. to build around.

Once the Giants get their quarterback, they will be a better team, however they need to tank in order for it to happen. Although it is not the ideal plan for the team to essentially lose games, and the fans will not be happy at the moment, in the long term, it is the right decision.

Despite the win Sunday, the Giants are still in a position to resume tanking and can still get the quarterback they need. If they lose the rest of their games, they would finish 4-12 and could get a top 10 pick, which may get them a quarterback.

All in all, the Giants need to tank for their future and their situation will be a lot clearer, which could lead to more victories.

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