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Bitter Sweet Win For Rutgers

Article by Darnell Stapleton

Saturday’s game versus Army was a bitter sweet affair. Rutgers made many mistakes and didn’t play up to their potential. But the one thing they did do right was come out with a victory! This is what matters because at the end of the day style points don’t matter or count!

I think the offense as a unit took a slight step backwards this week, they didn’t look as efficient as they did last week against UCONN! The O-line had to many penalties especially pre-snap with all the false starts.  Thus, keeping them behind the chains and forced them to pass. If they stay in front of the chains they could run the ball more efficiently! It’s hard to call a run play on 2nd and 20.

Rutgers is also going to have to do a better job of giving up six SACKS a game! Protecting the QB is not only the Offensive linemen’s job. It takes the whole offense including running backs blocking, tight ends blocking, wide receivers getting open and the QB getting the ball out on time or even throwing the ball when called for!

The Defense didn’t look as stout as the did in previous weeks.  Army was able to move the ball up and down the field at will, especially in the air! I understand it was a new look for them, having to be worried about the triple option! But Army was ranked 120th in the nation in passing coming into the game.  But, they were somehow able to get behind coverages and make big pass plays. There were also a couple plays in which they didn’t stay disciplined  on their rules pertaining to the triple option and they turned into big gains in the running game!

The end of the game situation almost blew my mind! Being someone that has played under coach Schiano I know he continually drills end of the game situations! The way the last few minutes played out, almost cost Rutgers the game. This would would of been heartbreaking as the players fought there butts off to come back.

I think this week’s keys to victory on both sides of the ball  would have to be; doing the little things right and avoid hurting yourself with dumb plays and penalties. Especially, against a Pitt team that has great talent and great coaches!

I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to Eric LeGrand and his family!

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