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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Giants Hire McAdoo And Championship Sunday Is Upon Us

The Giants Get Their Head Coach

On Thursday, the New York Football Giants introduced their new head coach Ben McAdoo to the public.

It was not much of an introduction as McAdoo has been the team’s offensive coordinator for the last two seasons. The consensus seemed to be that while Tom Coughlin was scapegoated, the team decided to retain a number of his own staff. Another criticism was that McAdoo is too inexperienced (only a coordinator for two seasons) and that will be the downfall of the Giant organization. I would say “not so fast my friend.”

Many head coaches, especially in the last 10 to 15 years, has started as young, inexperienced coordinators. McAdoo while young and “inexperienced” has worked under many experienced coaches such as Coughlin and Mike McCarthy so he has a wealth of knowledge from major coaches. He will be his own man but you know he has been sitting and listening his entire career so it seems that he will use those lessons he learned wisely. There is nothing wrong with continuity and this move shows that the Giants and their owners are keeping with their normal tradition and staying in house. I love the hire.

The Jets Off-Season

While they won 10 games, the New York Jets season could be deemed as disappointing. After a lackluster season finale against the Buffalo Bills, the Jets’ off-season began and there are major questions for the team to answer and moves to be made.

You know that they MUST re-sign Muhammed Wilkerson. He is the centerpiece of that front seven and can singlehandedly take a game over as we have seen during his career. Another big move to be made is to let Sheldon Richardson go.  Why? The Jets simply cannot trust him.

After his arrest, and his drug suspension, Richardson is proving to be a headache for the organization.  In terms of depth, the team drafted Leonard Williams in the first round of the draft last year and he proved he could play in this league.

Other moves that have been discussed are: cutting Antonio Cromartie (a possible savings of $8 million) and Jeremey Kerley (savings of $3 million) which I’m onboard for as Cromartie lost a step and Kerley was a non-factor on offense and as a punt returner, did not impress.

General Manager Mike Maccagnan will definitely make his money during his second draft with the Jets as he will need to find value in the later rounds in regards to defensive depth, especially in the front seven, which was an issue late in the season. The Jets will have to make the right decisions because their schedule next season will be a lot more difficult than this season’s schedule.

Around The Country

  • The award for the man with the worst luck in the NFL goes to Hue Jackson. Jackson became the new Cleveland Browns head coach, their eighth since 1999. “Please trust me, I am going to have an opportunity to work with some of the smartest men in football,” said Jackson. Excuse me while I go laugh out loud in the street at that comment.
  • The NFL Championship Games are set as the Arizona Cardinals will travel to Carolina to face the Panthers in the NFC Championship. Meanwhile the AFC Championship Game will have Brady vs. Manning once again as the Broncos and the Patriots match-up for a trip to Super Bowl 50. I am calling for a Cardinals-Broncos Super Bowl as Manning and the Broncos seem to be on a mission and Arizona will exploit the Panthers secondary in route to the big game. I will probably be wrong but that’s neither here nor there.
  • Since Alabama won the National Championship last week, it has been very quiet on the college football front. This is usually the case for a few weeks until the games that showcase future NFL talent begins. This is the time of year where football fans begin their Mel Kiper impersonations and begin to evaluate talent for their favorite teams themselves. I am no different so I am looking forward to watching those exhibitions, especially looking at linebackers and safeties for the Giants.

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