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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Jets Win In Unimpressive Fashion, The College Football Playoff Rankings And Another NFL Tie

Jets Win Against Winless Browns

C’mon, I know you’re thinking it. How convenient at a time when the New York Jets needed a win, they take on the Cleveland Browns, the most snake-bitten franchise in the NFL? New York’s 31-28 victory on Sunday did absolutely nothing to calm Jet fans about the franchise’s position in the AFC East. They only won by three after being completely outplayed in the first half of the game by a team that can’t keep a quarterback upright.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a decent showing but I’m pretty sure Hoboken High School could compete against the Cleveland Browns. Quincy Enuwa continues to be a discovery as he hauled in four catches and a touchdown. The defensive secondary for the Jets continued to a problem as Josh McCown threw for over three hundred yards and while the pressure from the defensive line is improving, it is still lacking a bit. At 3-5, the Jets are way outside of playoff contention and with a game against division rival Dolphins this week, every game is a must-win for the Jets.

Giants Release Josh Brown

After the Giants re-signed Josh Brown in the summer, news broke about Brown reportedly hitting his wife. The NFL suspended Brown for the opening game of the season and the story seemed over. Revelations later came out that Brown did in fact hit his wife on numerous other occasions and after not traveling to London for the Rams game, the Giants decided to cut ties with the kicker last week.

The Giants blew this entire situation from the first allegation months ago. From that point the Giants, who are considered a model NFL franchise, should have released Brown and cut their losses. What made it worst was that after re-signing him, the organization said that they were aware of the domestic violence case but still went ahead, re-signed him and even publicly supported him. The Giants are never part of a story like this but they deserve the blame in this situation. If the Ray Rice story was any indication, you have to be proactive and not reactive in cases like this. Badly play Giants, badly played.

Moving The Chains

  • The first College Football Playoff rankings were released this week and the top three teams were already known ahead of time (Alabama, Clemson, Michigan). But the surprise was number four as 7-1 Texas A&M, instead of undefeated Washington. Just a shame. This committee is going to screw this up, I feel it.
  • Penn State is 6-2 after a 62-24 victory over Purdue. They are currently number 12 in the polls heading into their match-up against Iowa on Saturday. And to think James Franklin’s job was in jeopardy when the season started.
  • These London games have to stop. I understand that the NFL wants to go global but the sport of football will never be global, nor will a team ever move overseas.
  • In addition to the London games, the NFL must do something about games ending tied. The second tie of the year occurred during the final London game between the Redskins and Bengals last week, which is a bad look for one of the prized games of the NFL season. Look at the college football model of overtime and tweak it for the professional game. NO MORE TIES.

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Kahlil Thomas

Kahlil is the College Sports Editor for as well as a columnist, hosting the Bump 'N Run column once per week. He also co-hosts a weekly basketball podcast, The Box Out, every Thursday evening with fellow writer Jason Cordner.
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