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What happens when you put hundred of fighters together for a weekend? If an inevitable fight breaking out isn’t in your top 5 suggestions, you must be new to this sport. 

Last Friday to Sunday, the new UFC brass invited their fighters for an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas. Over the three days, the fighters were given a tour of the new UFC performance facility and heard speeches from some of the biggest names in sports. Fighters posted the events on social media all weekend long with the hashtag #UFCAR17. Somehow one event was not posted on anyone’s story. UFC featherweight, Cris ‘Cyborg’ in an altercation with UFC strawweight, Angela Magana. 

MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani was first to post about the situation.

Magana, who is known for her social media antics, has been posting derogatory images directed towards ‘Cyborg’ recently on Twitter. After ‘Cyborg’ confronted Magana at the retreat, it turned physical.

If you were following the fighters and fan reactions on Twitter Sunday night, then you saw a great divide as to who was wrong in this situation. Let’s think about this though…

‘Cyborg’ the Victim

Let’s get one thing clear. It does not matter if you are the heavyweight champion of the world or the last ranked strawweight, no one deserves to get spoken of like how ‘Cyborg’ does. 

She is known as the baddest woman in MMA today, and her dominating performances in the cage show that. But she is also the main target of bullying and has been since her early days in Strikeforce. Many high profile names including UFC commentator Joe Rogan have made public comments suggesting that she has male-parts. Some take it as far to say that she really is a male. They back this up due to her hard features and muscular build you rarely see in WMMA.

Does no one remember that as tough and dominating as she is, she is still a human? A human with feelings and a family. Last week, Cyborg and her boyfriend, Ray Elbe came onto Brendan Schaub’s podcast, The Big Brown Breakdown. If you have the time, I highly suggest you take a listen. You see a side that we very rarely see of her. You can not help but hurt for her and the situations she been taken through in her career.   

And FOR SURE does not need an unranked strawweight who desperately looks for attention on social media to add in.

Should Magana not be held accountable?

For those of you do not remember, Magana was one of the 16 strawweights who were granted UFC contracts on TUF 20. They did not have to compete for a spot in the UFC since this season actually formed the 115-pound division. Not for nothing, but let’s hope they put more thought into the cast when they form the flyweight division on TUF 26. Moving on…

As of right now, the only person who is claiming to have the video of this altercation is UFC strawweight Bec Rawlings (BFF to Magana). According to her Twitter post following the altercation, she’s only interested in TMZ money to leak it. I guess there is a price to show the world your best friend getting punched in the face for bullying someone on social media. UFC officials called the cops once the incident erupted, now Magana is taking legal action against ‘Cyborg’, according to her Twitter post.



Does this not make anyone else’s blood boil? I would go as far to say that she did all of this and had only Rawling’s ready to film it just so they could be only ones to cash in. That’s just my opinion, but I can’t imagine no one else is starting to feel this way. 

We don’t really know what happened

That is really the bottom line right now. We have on idea what ‘Cyborg’ said when she confronted Magana, or what Magana said back. Right now, we’re going off of hear-say.

Also, if Magana is really planning on suing ‘Cyborg’, Rawling’s will not be able to sell that video to anyone but lawyers, I’d imagine. That is the only evidence since it seems in a retreat of 400+ fighters, no one else saw this go down. That’s not strange to anyone? 

As someone who follows a good number of UFC fighters on social media, I saw just about everything at that retreat on their IG stories or snapchats. But this went under the radar. 

I’m sure in the coming days, we will hear more about where this goes next. Should ‘Cyborg’ of his Magana? At the end of the day, no. But should Magana really be treated as a victim? No. You went on your social media platform with over 31,000 followers to throw Twitter jabs at the baddest woman in MMA. How did you really think this was going to end? Or was that the plan all along?



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Kristine is a Managing Editor for as well as UFC/MMA Lead Writer. She also hosts a column known as Fighting Words.
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