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DGS Main Event MMA Fight of the Year: Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit at UFC 195


Since this fight is just a few days from its one year anniversary, I feel like many forgot just how amazing this fight was. So, let me remind you.

My fight of the year winner is the UFC welterweight title main event war between former champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler and #4 ranked Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit at UFC 195 on January 2nd.

To be fair, we saw some battles in 2016 in the octagon that were close contendors for fight of the year. The most notable to come to mind include Diaz vs. McGregor 2 at UFC 202 in August and Swanson vs. Choi at UFC 206 earlier this month.

What really pushed the envelope to chose Lawler/Condit over the other two was at no point during this fight did I think it was just one fighter’s fight. Both had their moments where their opponent was in danger, and most of all these two Never. Stopped. Moving. I’m also convinced that Condit was knocked out on his feet for the greater part of the final round.

When these two heard the final bell and literally flung their exhaustion onto the cage (pictured below), it made it real that we just saw two top welterweights gave everything last bit they had in a stand up war for 25-minutes.


Also to note, Condit threw 495 strikes. 495 strikes. Lawler did retain his title though winning a razor close split decision (48-47, 47-48×2).

Something that really stood out to me the days leading up to this fight was how much the fight spoke for itself. Contrary to what we saw this year with McGregor and Diaz, these two are not known for being great on the mic and they really don’t have to be. For the casual fan, this card wasn’t as enticing to spend their New Year’s weekend. Though for the hardcore fans who have seen these two throughout their careers, this was well-worth the pay-per-view buy.

And most of all: Just as I knew they would, and I love when fighters do. They let their fist do the talking.

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Kristine is a Managing Editor for as well as UFC/MMA Lead Writer. She also hosts a column known as Fighting Words.
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