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Fighting Words: GGG vs Canelo, is the rematch next?

After ending in a controversial draw, whats next for two of boxing biggest names?

The fight boxing fans were counting down the days for, GGG vs Canelo, finally happened on Saturday night. After a controversial ending, many anticipate this will lead to the immediate rematch. Is that the next move, or are we too scorned?

At first, I wasn’t scorned. I thought whatever the outcome was would of course lead to a rematch. I mean, what else is there to do? Let’s keep milking this match up of every dollar we can, right? It wasn’t until I listening to Brendan Schaub on The Big Brown Breakdown, that I realized I may be wrong.

Controversy in boxing isn’t a big secret. When a fight, close or not, is left in the hands of the judges you’re opening yourself up to get a warm slap across the face by controversy. That’s exactly what we got on Saturday.

Anyone I’ve talked to has either said they scored it as a draw as well (okay, maybe like two people said that). But the other couple handfuls I’ve talked to all agreed that Gennady “GGG” Golovkin won the decision. However, when you are facing the golden child of Golden Boy Promotions, the promotion behind the mega-fight, that warm hand is waiting for you.

Check out below the official scorecard from Saturday night.


The judge in major hot water is Adalaide Byrd, who scored the card 118-110 for Canelo. This means she had GGG winning only 2 rounds. TWO ROUNDS.

Needless to say, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has “given her time off” following the fight. It is in question whether she will be permitted to judge the upcoming UFC 216 on Oct 7.

What is next after GGG vs. Canelo then?

As I said earlier, what really got the hamster wheel turning about this was listening to Schaub mention other opponents for both champions. He specifically stated Billy Joe Saunders for GGG and David Lemieux for Canelo. While I agree those would be the best match ups for both, I agree more that the rematch can’t happen right away.

If there is one thing I can predict whenever the rematch does happen, it is that GGG will not be as respectful as he was to Canelo the first time around. While the decision didn’t break his undefeated streak, it didn’t help it either.

GGG will be another year closer to 40 at that point, but I truly don’t believe it will have the same affect it normally does. If there’s one thing I’d bet on, the rematch will not be left to the judges.



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Kristine is a Managing Editor for as well as UFC/MMA Lead Writer. She also hosts a column known as Fighting Words.
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