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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Giants Are Winless, Kaepernick Still Unemployed

The Giants lose their second straight to start the season, Jets fall to 0-2 after losing to Oakland, and Rutgers wins a game.

No clever introductions. Let’s just get right to it to the Giants losing again.

Giants Move To 0-2 After Monday Night Debacle Against Detroit

I said it, did I not? I said in last week’s Bump N’ Run that if the Giants did not get their mind right and get down to business, they would be 0-2. Low and behold, they are now 0-2 after Monday’s 24-10 loss to the Lions at MetLife Stadium. Every week it is the same story. Eli Manning receives no time to throw, and the defense is worn down by halftime.

After the game, Ben McAdoo dared to blame Manning for the delay of game penalty the Giants received inside the five-yard line. No Ben, your playcalling and lack of guts to make changes were the reason for that delay of game. Eli was probably calling out new protections so he would not get killed playing behind perhaps the worst offensive line in NFL history. Moreover, can McAdoo stop saying that it is not Ereck Flowers’ fault that Eli is getting hit more than Ronda Rousey in her last two fights? The New York Giants are a cluster right now, and the blame goes to the man running things, and his name is Ben McAdoo.

I am pretty sure the defense is fed up with what is going and why shouldn’t they be? The Giants defense was on the field for 32 minutes on Monday, after being on the field for 34 minutes against Dallas in Week 1. Do you know how you stop that from happening McAdoo? You run the ball. You move Flowers inside to guard where he cannot do any worse, and you play D.J. Fluker who help in run blocking. What is going on right now? It is like watching the University of Pittsburgh playing Penn State when watching the Giants play football.

By the way, McAdoo said in his Tuesday conference call that Flowers “did some good things” against Lions. What?

Jets Show Flashes And Then Proceeds To Get Blown Out By Raiders

The first quarter and a half of Sunday’s game was good for the Jets. Josh McCown threw a touchdown, and the defense was keeping up with Oakland for the most part. Then the wheels fell off, and all hell broke loose. The result was a 45-20 drubbing put on the Jets by the Raiders in the Bay Area.

Here’s the thing about the Jets: they are not awful. They are mildly awful. They show something every game that could at least give fans hope….and then the roof collapses on them. McCown should be the starter for this team right now, but with not many weapons (sorry, still not sold on Jermaine Kearse), the cupboard is still bare. On defense, they have a formidable front line but nothing else. The linebackers are lacking without David Harris leading the way. The secondary is average at best, and that will not cut it in the NFL.

As I said last week, god bless Jets fans.

Moving The Chains

  • Rutgers defeated Morgan State 65-0 (slow clap from the peanut gallery).
  • In other college football news, Penn State moved to 3-0 after blowing out Georgia State at home. I know hopes are high for the Nittany Lions, but I cannot help but feel that a valley is coming for this team sooner than later after these initial peaks.
  • The first two weeks of the NFL has not been good. I cannot put my finger on what the issue is, but something just feels off.
  • What happened to Alex Smith? One year he is throwing for 150 yards a game, and now he is airing it out downfield on multiple plays during a game. What a difference a young, future franchise quarterback now on the roster makes.
  • Colin Kaepernick reiterated his desire to play in the NFL and said that he is ready to go. The stories about him not wanting to play can stop now. The NFL owners are acutely aware of what is going on as they continue to collude against the quarterback. I will continue to mention this story until something happens because what is happening to Colin Kaepernick is absurd at this point. Kaepernick is unemployed, but Bryce Petty is the backup QB for the Jets. Just saying.

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