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Kevin Durant between the Knicks and three other teams

We are only a few hours from the official start of the free agency. The race for big players is about to begin and among them is Kevin Durant. The number 35 of the Warriors has long been linked to the Knicks, but the latest news indicates that Durant will meet at least four teams before taking his final choice, a choice which will concern which team will end his career.

In all this there is to keep in mind that Kevin Durant will not be available for the whole next season due to a crippling leg injury. Despite this, the New York Knicks are among the teams that rely on him to be healthy in the future. The Knicks will try to convince Durant that he could finally revive the ambitions of the team.

But there are not only the Knicks on him. Brooklyn Nets dreams of creating the Durant-Irving dream couple. In fact, Durant’s choice will probably also depend on the decision Irving makes.

Los Angeles dreams of another great duo. The Clippers would like to create the Durant-Leonard couple, and even in this case the choice of Durant will be fundamental.

Finally, the Golden State Warriors themselves are running for Kevin Durant. On the GSW side there are the 221 million dollars that it guarantees to Durant. An offer that only Golden State can afford at the moment.

The question at this point is legitimate. What will become of Durant? Will he stay in the West or will he move to the Eastern Conference for the first time in his life? We’ll find out soon …

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