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Mickey Mantle’s Story of Success

Mickey Mantle was a successful baseball player who got a triple crown for winning the most home runs, batting average and runs battle in a single season. He was also the most valuable player with the New York Yankees in the eighteenth year of his career.

Mickey Mantle was born in Oklahoma on 20th October 1931 to Elvin and Lovell Mantle. Elvin was a former professional independent baseball player. Mickey started playing baseball while he was on diapers with his father. Elvin taught his child on how to become a switch-hitter. Mickey used his right hand while challenging his father who used his left hand occasionally.

Early days in high school

During Mickey mantle school days, he played football, baseball, and basketball while studying Commerce in Oklahoma. While playing the game, he was kicked in the leg only for him to develop osteomyelitis.

This is a disease that attacks the bones. This meant that his baseball career would take a stall. However, Mantle captured the attention of Tom Green Wade who was a scout of the New York Yankee who presented a contract of $140 every week plus a sign-on bonus of $1500.

Rising to the majors

Back in 1949, Mickey Mantle reported to the Yankees in Kansas as a shortstop. After playing for two years in the small leagues, the Yankees encouraged him to join the major league and start training at their camp. He quickly got a place for himself on the roster. And soon, the New York and Australian media started comparing him to the Yankee greats such as Babe Ruth.

According to Edubirdie, Mantle did not become an overnight success. He gained momentum gradually in his new position but was later sent back to the minor leagues. Mantle was suffering inside due to the death of his father in 1952 as a result of cancer. Mantle and his father were very close and this affected him deeply.

During the 1951 season, Mantle was moved to the center of the field when the talented Joe DiMaggio officially retired. He started adjusting to the big league environment. And he played well against 311, with twenty-three home runs and eighty-seven RBIs. This was the time that Mantle started establishing himself as one of the best players of the time.

While playing against Washington Senators, Mantle hit the ball out of Griffith Stadium at 565 feet. This is believed to be one of the longest hits in history. The New York Yankees couldn’t have lost in the first three seasons with such a great player on their side. People used to crowd around him to get a mickey mantle signed baseball.

Rising Success

Mantle’s success was also the Yankees’ success. This was proven throughout the late 1950s as the won most of the leagues at the time. Mantle became a superstar back in 1956 where he won the Triple Crown due to 52 home runs, 353 batting average, and 130 RBIs. He was later chosen as the American League’s MVP.

Mantle’s success story continued to triumph into the 1960s. The team continued to win in the next five seasons after losing the pennant to Chicago White Sox back in 1959. The Yankees were now made up of new stars such as Bobby Richardson, Roger Maris, and Bill Skowron to name a few. Mantle was a start in 1961 following the capture of the home run title.

By August, he had hit 43 home runs while his teammate Maris, had 42. The legend Babe Ruth had hit a record of 60 home runs in 1927. Mantle had managed to hit 54 which was quite impressive at the time. Later, Maris went on to hit 61 and thus established a new record which was later broken by McGwire in 1998.


After many years on the field, Mantle left the Yankees with an impressive achievement. He had been the most valuable player three times in a row. Up to date, he is one of the few players to get a Triple Crown. He holds a world record for the home runs and World records that he managed to hit. To the Yankees, Mantle symbolizes greatness.

The Mickey Mantle baseball card is one of the most precious possession of the Yankees. After retiring, Mantle became a businessman. He opened a restaurant and worked as a public relations officer for a big casino in Atlantic City. He also participated in golf tournaments. However, alcoholism destroyed his personal and professional life.

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