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How To Avoid Scams When Purchasing Football Tickets Online

Getting affordable football tickets and taking the best seats in a football match is probably every fan’s dream. It’s not a secret that football has become one of the most beloved sports in today’s modern sports environment. In fact, a lot of people love to watch and even play this sport. If you’re someone who enjoys football, you might be interested in learning how to score football tickets quickly and watch your favorite team live. Apparently, if you’re searching for tickets, the most effective way to find them is through the internet.

Moreover, scams are becoming more and more common in the online platform recently.  While there are a lot of options out there to obtain a ticket after an event has been sold out, there are also a number of risks or manipulative and shady people waiting for you to contact them. To help you get football tickets the safest way possible and avoid possible scams while you’re browsing through the internet, we’ve gathered several tips that you can use to your own advantage.

  1. Use Paypal

PayPal provides excellent customer security as you pay for “goods or services” that enable you to bill later. In the worst-case scenario that you were able to purchase a fake ticket, you will at least have a shot at getting your money back. This functionality excludes the use of Venmo, Cash App, or any other popular payment forms. In these transactions, you are supposed to make the deposit first, and even if the seller wants to stop you after collecting your money, you can still get a refund.

There is a tiny charge for vendors in this trade, and if anyone particularly decides that they would not like to accept payment as “goods or services” because of the charge, you could perhaps agree to pay the fee for safety reasons. When the seller, by any chance, demands that you pay as “family and friends,” don’t push through with the transaction. This suggests that the one selling the football ticket doesn’t want you to be covered by the buyer protection, which means that he or she could be scamming you.

  1. Ask For The Seller’s Personal Identifiable Information

If they’re not able to let you identify who they are, then this is potentially the greatest red flag that you should avoid. The most popular reason someone wishes to stay hidden in an arrangement that is supposed to help all sides in the arrangement is that they intend to do something that they do not wish to see repercussions in the future. Much like trying to scam you.

You can ask for their social media accounts, then start the probing to identify who they really are. When their account looks like it was generated overnight and has a couple of friends or updates, the odds are high that they’re using a dummy account. You might also go as far as requesting a state ID or a driver’s license. It’s quite fair to presume that somebody isn’t out to cheat you to move ahead with the trade because you know their identification.

  1. Purchase From Trustworthy Ticket Selling Website

With today’s technology, it’s pretty easy to falsify proof of a ticket purchase. It’s also risky to buy tickets online without knowing who you’re doing business with. It sure helps if the ticket seller is someone who has sold tickets in the past, as this can be good evidence that he or she is a credible seller. To verify this, you can request a voucher. Anybody who buys a ticket from the vendor will be considered as a voucher. This can help you confirm the legitimacy of the transaction.

Moreover, if you can’t afford to take the risk of finding a legitimate seller online, then taking advantage of a ticket selling website is a wise option to consider. Sites like SeatPick are among the few reliable websites that provide you with a seamless and legitimate transaction, enabling you to purchase tickets directly from them. In general, ticket selling websites are safe, and they eliminate the 3rd party vendor’s complexity, but the costs that come with both purchasing and selling on these platforms are quite high. Moreover, if you want to see your favorite football team play in the big league, and you just can’t find tickets somewhere else, these platforms are your best bet.

Being a football lover is always exciting. But, don’t be so overwhelmed and fall into the nets of an online scammer.

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