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Smart Budgeting Tips That Will Help You Save Cash When Playing Golf

Are your weekends consumed with golf? Do you start thinking about the 12th hole around Wednesday?

If you’re lucky enough to hit the courses each weekend — or even luckier to play more than just that — then you know how quickly the expenses add up. The fees for the course and the cart, along with paying for new clubs, golf balls, clothing, etc. could leave you looking for a second job.

Let’s face it. Playing golf is expensive. So we’ve got some smart budgeting tips that’ll help you hit the course more often without your wallet taking a major hit.

  1. Embrace Used or Knock-off Clubs

Sure, you may dream of that set of Titleist, Callaways, or Pings. But why take out a second mortgage to get new clubs?

Take a gander at eBay, Craigslist, or the bulletin at your local golf course to find used clubs for sale. As long as the shafts are straight and the hosels secure on the shaft, you’re in business.

You could also settle for knock-off brands that do an excellent job of imitating, though not quite stealing, the designs of brand-name clubs. Unless you’ve achieved professional status, you’re very unlikely to notice the difference.

  1. Seek out Hidden Gems

There’s nothing that says summer like the first big golf trip. But airline and housing expenditures can quickly take the enjoyment out of it.

When researching your next trip, find a course that’s central for your group without being in the most expensive areas of the country. While the “best” resorts are often in these areas, some research into lesser-known or up-and-coming areas could just save you a lot of money.

  1. Skip the Golf Magazine Subscription

Wanting to know the latest on the happenings in the golf world doesn’t require you to buy a subscription to a golf rag. It’s not the subscription price itself that’s so hard on your budget. It’s the marketing tactics.

With your head firmly buried in a magazine, you’ll quickly be convinced that you can’t be a serious player without all of the greatest (i.e. most expensive) golfing equipment and experiences. It’ll not only mess with your budget, but your head as well.

  1. Use Recycled Golf Balls

Using recycled golf balls is a smart way to care for the environment and your budget! There are more than a handful of websites that deal in refurbished or recycled golf balls. And while nothing beats a box of premium golf balls, if you’re a decent player, you probably won’t notice much of a difference using recycled balls.

  1. BYOB (and Food)

If you want to splurge a little and play a better course, one of the best ways to offset that expense is by bringing your own snacks and water. Similar to sneaking snacks into a movie theater, you could save some serious cash going this route.

Of course, most courses won’t allow you to bring beer or other alcoholic beverages. So know that if you’re planning to tip back a few.

Hit the Course with These Smart Budgeting Tips

We hope the above smart budgeting tips will allow you to enjoy all the wonders of golf without breaking the bank.

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For continued research on ways to save while playing sports, visit us here at Double G Sports.

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