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Nikki Bella Catches Heat Supporting The Rock’s New Book

The current political climate just got more controversial thanks to one of Nikki Bella’s latest social media posts. Nikki recently shared a photo on Instagram in which she is seen holding a photography book based on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life. The book is titled The Rock: Through His Lens: His Life, His Movies, His World.

Showing support to Johnson and the book’s photographer Hiram Garcia, Nikki wrote in the caption, “Mama just got a new rocking chair read in the mail. @hhgarcia41 I want you to be behind my lens one day! These photos are so memorable, rare and iconic. Swipe to see my favorite. Please go support my friend and get his book!”


Public Backlash for Nikki Bella

Regardless of Nikki’s seemingly guiltless intentions, some followers were none too pleased with the retired WWE wrestler’s post due to Johnson’s public endorsement of presidential candidate Joe Biden and Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

“Yeah uh that’s a no!” wrote one fan, while another comment reads, “Sorry but a lot of people do not support what he is openly voicing right now #onenationundergod #willnotsupporttherock.”

Nikki Bella made a statement Wednesday about the backlash she received after sharing the picture on her The Bellas podcast that she hosts with sister Brie Bella.

Nikki began, “We know as authors…how much work you put into making your first book; to have any book you have…You’re just so excited. It’s a huge accomplishment. So when I got his [Johnson’s] in the mail, I just remember that feeling when we dropped Incomparable.”

“I looked at social media and all of a sudden I was like, ‘What the f***?’ I’m like, how did this turn into a political debate? I’m not even thinking– of course, the book is about The Rock…he just endorsed Joe Biden. First of all, that never crossed my mind. Not once. It sucks that you can support someone– support a friend and their amazing accomplishment– how it turns into negativity and you get this backlash and it turns into something so political,” she added.


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