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Sixers Courting Sponsors to Facilitate Trade Agreements

It has not been a good year for the Philadelphia 76ers. After starting with a 0-14 record, not only did they end up in the bottom of the NBA conference standings for the Eastern conference, they actually end up with fewer points than any other team on the table. Of course, this is no surprise to Sixers fans as they performed very poorly over the last two seasons as well, ending up 14 out of 15.

What this means for the team is that they need to do something drastic because according to Forbes, attendance was the NBA’s worst this season and is at the lowest point that ever has been since the franchise moved to Philly more than 50 years ago.

What this may mean is that they need some fresh blood on the team in order to do that; they need to attract good sponsors. The Sixers are rumored to be in talks with several potential sponsors and have possibly signed a contract with binary trading broker – Binary Uno. When it comes to draft prospects, they are certainly going to have a lot more leverage to work with if they can attract some decent sponsors.

Although Philly wants the top spot in the coming draft, the 76ers may actually be just as well off or even better off if they have 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 4. Fans are looking for that top overall pick as well. They are looking at Brandon Ingram and Ben Simmons, with fans sharply divided down the middle. But no matter whom they want, fans consider that the way for the 76ers to come back and start winning games and end up in the playoffs is to have the top spot for picks this season.

Bryan Colangelo is the new general manager of the team. Sam Hinkie gave up his position just a few short weeks ago but he had Artie laid the framework to rebuild the team. So now Bryan Colangelo can pick up where he left off. But with that is the state of the rebuilding process what a lot of fans are not getting is that not only is getting to be the 3rd and 4th pick much more likely but if the team wants to win games soon then it might actually be preferable to the 1st and 4th pick. That’s not to say that the top pick isn’t preferable – it is – but it could set the Sixers back.

Philly has a 25% chance at getting the 1st overall pick in a 65% chance of being in the top 3. They are definitely going to be in the top four and they will get the pick from the LA Lakers if it ends up outside the top three. That means that they will get their own top three pick as well as the Lakers pick at four. But no matter what the draft is, they are definitely going to need good sponsors.

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