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The Best Sports Shows on Television



Two of our favorite things in this country are sports and television. With a multitude of sports to watch, we follow our favorite athletes, teams, and personalities in each sport. Additionally, we like to follow stories that may not be about our favorite teams.

Traditionally, we are used to seeing our favorite stars playing sports on TV, but with more programming than ever sports stars are being used in a multitude of ways on T.V. in addition to appearing on sports news casts such as Sportscenter, Athletes are appearing in all types of programming; from sports documentaries to comedic shows.

Two of the best shows for documenting the real aspects of sports are ESPN’s 30 For 30 documentaries, and HBO’s Hardknocks. Furthermore, FX’s The League has become one of the most popular shows on television. Also, satellite programming is making it easier to watch our favorite sports shows at home or on the go, make sure satellite television is a part of your viewing experience.

ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries

This Emmy nominated documentary series was created to celebrate ESPN’s 30th Anniversary. Each director expresses their own viewpoint about an event that helped shape the sports landscape over the last 30 years. Many topics center around controversial sports issues, and aim to shed light on these events. The documentaries are aired and re-aired on ESPN and their family of networks.

There are two volumes to this film series, as well as a series of short documentaries that can be accessed online for free. The first volume contains 30 films from the years that ESPN has been a broadcasting network. The second volume currently contains about 25 films and also tackles a wide array of sports stories that can be revealing to viewers.

These documentaries don’t just walk you through what happened; they examine the affect that these events had on the sports they occurred in, as well as explore the cultural and social implications of these events. This documentary series is sure to fill your appetite for sports programming, in addition these shows will make you think and question the way you look at sports.

HBO’s Hardknocks

This T.V. series is produced jointly by NFL films and HBO.  While mostly we like to hear about our favorite players, teams, or coaches, this series goes beyond those things. Although, there is plenty of coverage of big name players and coaches. The series is mostly about making it in the NFL for rookies, undrafted players, or journeymen type who have spent their careers bouncing from team to team.

Additionally, the series doesn’t just cover on the field, the friends, family, coaches, and others involved with the teams are featured in the series to help give it context. Fans see the affluence of top draft picks and major free agents, and think that the road to the NFL is paved with gold for most players. However, that is inherently false. Many of the players in the NFL struggle with skills, conditioning, even substance abuse. This show follows teams as they attempt to overcome these hurdles and win a Superbowl.

FX’s The League

While the 30 for 30 series and Hardknocks follow sports stories from a serious, journalistic perspective, The League depicts the lifestyle of an activity that grows in popularity every year, fantasy football, from a humorous perspective.

The show follows a group of friends that take their fantasy football league way too seriously. They go to great lengths to win, and also to embarrass their friends while they do it. Their ultimate goal is the Shiva trophy, named for a nerdy Indian girl at their high school, who by a great twist of fate, resurfaces during the show as an incredibly attractive and successful doctor.

In addition, the show features NFL stars as guest stars like J.J. Watt. While this isn’t a show solely about sports, everything these characters do revolves around fantasy football and their ridiculous strategies for victory.

How to Watch

In order to watch their favorite sports shows many are turning to satellite television to do so. Satellite television technology offers many features that are attractive to sports fans. The ability to record T.V. shows, set parental controls, makes it a good option for families that have different tastes in television.

In addition, these service providers offer unique programming for specific sports. One of the most popular is the NFL Sunday Ticket package on DirecTV. At, fans find deals and information about DirecTV and other satellite providers in their area.

Satellite television offers a wide range of specialized programming for sports fans, as well as regular programming offered by most service providers. If you are a sports fan this could be the most beneficial television service for you.

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