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The top free agent target for the New York Giants

The New York Giants go into the offseason with a lot of uncertainty.  They don’t know who their quarterback will be in the 2019 season, their offensive line is still a mess despite pumping tons of money into it with the signing of Nate Solder and the drafting of Will Hernandez.  The defensive line is in shambles and Landon Collins is going to get paid, whether it be with the Giants or not.

One of these positions need to be filled immediately, and despite there being many rumblings of them trying to trade for a quarterback, they’re most likely going to give Eli Manning another year and draft a young quarterback to back him up.  There isn’t much help on the offensive line to be had, but they’ll try their best to plug in the holes.  Landon Collins will get paid by the Giants, but there is one free agent that should intrigue the Giants.

This young man tore it up in Super Bowl LI against the New England Patriots.  He had six sacks in 14 games, is good against the run, has a small cap hit of only $1.9M and can defend against the run.  With the loss of Snacks Harrison, the Giants need a big DL stuffing up the line and causing havoc in the backfield.  Grady Jarrett is the perfect low key solution to this.  He will be highly sought after but won’t be too expensive because of the poor play of Atlanta’s defense.  It’s a match made in Heaven for the Giants, and they need him desperately.

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