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The Waterfront Park Experience

I have been to many Major League and Minor League Ballparks in my day, But this was my first venture to Waterfront Park. I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the stadium, The stadium design which overlooks the Delaware River. But what really Impressed me the most was the family friendly atmosphere, the affordability the best seats in the house are only $13.00 and the seemingly endless things going on.

It seems every inning something is happening from a free T-shirt thrower to getting fans from the stands to compete in spinbrush race. The mascots Strike and Thunder are energetic and fun. Foul Balls are a plenty if you go before the gates open and sit at the 1B side picnic tables as many balls are hit over the roof into that area.

After that the Double-A affiliate of The New York Yankees are a competitive team that entertain you with a good baseball game.

Parking only cost $3.00 and the refreshments and souvenirs are fairly priced.

If you want to take your family to reasonably priced day/night out I find that Waterfront Park will be hard pressed to be beat.

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