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How Is TNA Doing Just One Month After Their Move To Destination America?

It has been a little over a month since TNA moved their Impact Wrestling show to the Destination America network. In a move that many saw as a negative for the promotion, TNA has good ratings on the channel since first appearing on the network on January 7.

TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling


It has been a little over a month since TNA moved their Impact Wrestling show to the Destination America network. In a move that many saw as a negative for the promotion, TNA has good ratings on the channel since first appearing on the network on January 7. Impact Wrestling is averaging about 500,000 viewers during their first month on their new home and it seems as if many are enjoying the product to this point.

All is well in TNA Land (thank god I don’t have to call it Dixie Land) and it seems as if things are clicking on all cylinders. However with all the good, there are smal things that I see on the program that I dislike. In this article, I will list good things I have seen during the Impact Wrestling broadcasts and list one major thing that I believe they should look into changing. First, let’s start with the good.

The Writing And Storylines Are For The Most Part Making Sense

Unfortunately, TNA’s history of nonsense storylines is vast (insert King of the Mountain and that weird Sting/Abyss casket match). This has always hampered the promotion especially during the Hogan/Bischoff era along with anything Vince Russo wrote during his time there in the promotion. It seemed as if TNA had momentum and then some weird turn in the story completely made the show unwatchable and made you want to tear your hair out of your head.

Since the new start at Destination America and even months before, TNA has had some storylines that have made sense and also includes long builds. One thing missing from the WWE are those long, slow builds during feuds instead of “hotshotting” everything week to week. One thing fans are looking at TNA for are the long feuds that seem to be extending weekly and not shortening.

TNA now has Dave Lagana and Matt Conway writing the shows with Jon Gaburick making the final decisions regarding booking. The formula seems to be working as they created two heel groups (The Revolution and The BDC) wrecking havoc on the mid-card and main event stage respectively. You add in Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle as heroes along with an emerging Ethan Carter III and the shows are clicking at a high rate with fans.

The New Announcer Team Brings More To The Show

No offense to Mike Tenay but he just was not doing a great job for the last year and a half. If you go back in TNA history, his excitement and passion for the product is what made the show a tad better than what it was. However since 2012 into 2013, he was just there announcing the action with no emotion. When the WWE let Josh Matthews go, it was no-brainer that TNA would pick him up and possibly replace Tenay. The move was made for Impact Wrestling’s move to a new network and it has worked magnificently.

Matthews and Taz have added a new element and excitement to the product with Matthews bringing that experience to TNA from the WWE but with a young man’s perspective and actual calling of moves and stories. Taz is more like the Taz from Snackdown years ago pushing the stories with Matthews but also using his experience to explain the psychology behind what’s going on. This move was needed and for TNA, the fans at home are thanking them. Tenay now has the Saturday morning show and I believe that is the right spot for him right now.

With the announcing going very well, there is something about the announcing of Josh Matthews and Taz that I am found troubling. Here is the one thing that TNA should look at changing.

Where The Hell Is Matthews And Taz Doing Commentary From?

Doing the premiere episode of Impact Wrestling, Matthews and Taz were high above the Manhattan Center. The following week and ever since, they are doing the commentary from what looks like someone’s basement ala the way Paul Heyman used to use his basement to cut ECW promos. So instead of having the team at the site doing the job and only using them at headquarters for voiceovers, they are doing all of their work from TNA Headquarters in what may be Jeff Jarrett’s old office.

Unfortunately that sets up TNA to look a little low budget when they have their announcers sitting in a room just hanging out. Even Ring of Honor has Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on site to do the announcing of they shows even when they are taped ahead of time. Look at the way the WWE does Smackdown. Announcers do work on site and right after the taped show on Tuesday, they go to WWE Headquarters on Wednesday to fine touch the commentary.

I am by no means saying that TNA has the budget of the WWE but this is something that they should change. Obviously it is not feasible right now but it is something that they should consider changing sometime in the summer and just eat the extra round-trip flights for Matthews and Taz. It’s a sign of legitimacy in my opinion.

With the announcing location the one thing that I see as a detriment, everything else is rosy for TNA. The move to a new network was the best move for them and you can see that the roster is completely on board with the direction of the product. With the contracts of major names coming due in the next few months, it will be imperative that TNA continues this good run to show talent that they are serious about being the number two promotion in wrestling and a legitimate alternative to the WWE. They are on a good streak of showing that right now.

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