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Giants select Duke QB Daniel Jones with No. 6 pick in NFL Draft

The New York Giants have taken the first step in the rebuild process, by taking Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, to presumably succeed Eli Manning.

This was a questionable one, as they passed on other quarterbacks, such as Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State. It was also disputable that the Giants could have selected Jones with the 17th overall pick, as Jones would most likely have been available by then, based on draft rankings.

Regardless of the debate over the Giants selection of Daniel Jones, he still has a good skillset and showed his accuracy during his three years at Duke University. The Giants still need help on offense and defense, regardless, but this may be the future at quarterback. Jones may not start right away, as Eli will most likely start the season at quarterback. Jones may sit the majority of, if not all of the season, unless Eli struggles early on this season. The Giants offensive line is not great and they lack offensive weapons, after the Odell Beckham trade, so based on what the Giants do with their later picks, they could build around Eli, and eventually Jones.

While Jones may or may not be the future at quarterback, the Giants will have to set him up for the future, and will need to start throughout the draft.

The Giants will also be selecting 17th overall in the first round.

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