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An interview with Michael Bangel, owner of ‘Get Your Fast Academy’

Just who is Michael Bengal?

GYF Academy

GYF Academy

William Shakespeare once said, “Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.” Of course, William Shakespeare was not witnessing those who are being trained in ability and speed by a former professional football player, who prides himself in proven results. That former player is Michael Bangel, the founder of ‘Get Your Fast Academy’ located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

As with many of those I interview, I first connected with Michael on Twitter. We were both involved in an exchange about current trends involving the National Football League, when Michael commented directly on something I had shared. That comment, would lead me to follow Michael on Twitter, and subsequently visit the website noted in his bio. That visit, would cause me to want to learn more about the man behind the site, and I would soon travel to Hatfield, PA to meet the founder of ‘Get Your Fast.’


Just who is Michael Bengal? He is an internationally recognized performance coach and creator of thousands of individualized training programs for universities, Olympians, professional and collegiate athletes all over the world. He specializes in speed development and his programs are regarded as by many as the best in the industry. According to the company brochure, Michael has trained and provided athletic scouting reports for countless universities for every college sport resulting in hundreds of college scholarships.

Michael’s own athletic career involved playing at the collegiate level for the University of Buffalo. From there he went on to play seven years of professional football all over the world. Ultimately he would land in Hatfield, PA where he now owns a 20,000 square foot indoor facility that provides an excellent training facility for aspiring athletes.

When I met Michael, the most adorable puppy, named Ralphie, accompanied him. “Ralphie, is our mascot,” Michael shared. While Ralphie stayed behind ready to greet the academy members, I accompanied Michael to the field, which was just beyond doors close by. I could not help but notice the incredible soundtrack playing in the background.

Michael Bangel, Founder GYF Academy

So as I sat to observe and get ready to take notes, Michael got to work. It did not take long for me to notice his innate ability to lead. He possesses a certain sense of humility and sense of ease. He is strong and confident, as well as, commanding. That being said, he is incredibly peaceful and there was an overall sense of calm throughout the entire time I was there. As the academy filled with more and more students, the level of order stayed in check. Athletes participated in both group and individual drills.

One of those drills included the 40-yard dash. The 40-yard dash has become instrumental in the NFL Combine this year. There has been a lot of focus on the offensive linemen 40-yard dash and shuttle. In fact, the odds set by Bovada include an Over/Under of 4.28 [Source: USA Today Sports]. AP reports also show that Bovada has set 3/1 odds that Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record of 4.24 seconds set back in 2008 will fall this year.

“Football is becoming more about being fast.” Michael said. If you want to get faster, you’re going to need to work on speed endurance drills and Michael believes he can deliver some of the best training out there. Football is a game that is made up of sprints, and the 40-yard dash is one sprint that can help those who are evaluating prospective players know about a player’s potential to get from the line of scrimmage to where the punted football is expected to fall in approximately 4.5 seconds. That is the average amount of time it takes the punted ball to reach average length of the punt, which is 40 yards.


NFL Combine photos tweeted during week of NFL Combine 2015

NFL Combine photos tweeted during week of NFL Combine 2015 and a fast car

In between breaks, I got the chance to talk with Michael, about his thoughts on some of the social issues that have been plaguing the sports worlds. His thought on performance enhancing drugs, for example, Michael is not a fan of them. He is also not a fan of tackle football for youth and believes that making the game safer should continue to be a main concern. While he understands there are risks involved with any level of play, he does think it is incumbent upon those who know, to share information that is crucially important to those who are involved in playing the game.

Watching Michael in action with the student athletes he was training, gave me hope for the future of the game. He is leading by example, and teaching others to give their very best. It was a pleasure to watch this former pro-athlete in action, sharing what he has learned with those who have dreams of becoming future stars. I am looking forward to heading back to Hatfield, only next time I shall be sure to wear my sneakers.

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