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At just 18, homegrown Auston Trusty ready for whatever role Philadelphia Union need from him

Auston Trusty (Photo via Philadelphia Union)

Auston Trusty (Photo via Philadelphia Union)

Auston Trusty was born in 1998. Let that sink in. At only 18 years old, he is one of the biggest homegrown signings in the Philadelphia Union’s short history. Having played last year on loan with Bethlehem Steel, Auston tells Double G Sports that he is ready for a special 2017 season. We sat down with him at Union media day to get some in depth perspective from the defensive phenom.

Double G Sports: Since this is your first full training camp, what is your development since July?

Auston Trusty: I guess just getting better and better everyday. Having the right focus and mindset. I’m not the only young player on the team so having the mindset to get on the field as quickly as possible is a real positive. In terms of development, signing with the Union was the best option for me. I grew up with them and they know me the best and I know them the best. Just keep on plugging away and just doing my best and doing me.

DGS: How is week one of preseason going?

AT: Pretty good! I’ve been through one before (training from the academy) but it’s going really well so far.

DGS: Center back is a crowded position right now, how do you make your mark?

AT: Well I know whenever I get the opportunity to get out on the field and do my job I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity.

DGS: How does it feel to have friends that you grew up with playing besides you with Derrick, Matt and helping the transition to a professional side?

AT: Honestly it’s hype – it’s hype. My boys are out here too like “hey we out here”. We’re all best friends and really cool with each other. I can’t even look at them and not laugh, we have a funny relationship and I’m happy that we’re all on the same path.

DGS: How do you feel the Bethlahem steel played a part in your development.

AT: I think playing with the Steel is the best option when you’re younger from the academy. If you have the opportunity to play professional games then that entire aspect is amazing because you get the whole entire world of professional soccer. Guys are out there playing for their families and you’re still in high school. Seeing the grind every day and the work ethic and the hunger for the game and to succeed is amazing.

DGS: To build on that, is it weird to go from high school to playing in front of 20,000 fans?

AT: Not really, I want to be as humble as possible but I’ve played in front of big crowds before. The Union and US soccer has prepared me for my trip to success.

DGS: Do you have any personal goals to get better this year?

AT: One goal…too many goals, I have too many goals to get better. I can’t even single out one. The broad aspect of it is is to get better as soon as possible. Continuing to have the right mindset and work ethic to keep pushing (forward).

DGS: What player do you play most like or do you look up to?

AT: Honestly as a physical and mental standpoint I look towards basketball and soccer. In basketball I look towards Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson because he’s a Philly guy. I’m starting to really like Russell Westbrook because his whole entire game is going hard in the paint. I like that a lot. I really like studying the mindset of how they approach the game and how they conduct themselves around the facilities and the game. Soccer wise I’m always a fan of David Luiz and Messi of course.

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