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Drive-In experience planned for Yankee Stadium

Uptown Drive-In Experience, run by MASC Hospitality Group, plans to utilize a parking lot near Yankee Stadium this summer. The company plans to feature live performances, car-side dinner services, a movie, games and more.

The plan is currently in place for the events to begin July 4 and run every weekend through August.

The biggest hurdle is ensuring the event is compliant with city regulations. Uptown Drive-In will have a vehicle reservation system and require cars to park 10 feet apart. The events would feature giant movie screens, provide live music streamed through car radios and have sanitized restrooms available for guests.

There is sure to be some type of new normal throughout the summer months. Major League Baseball has a plan to hopefully begin their season the weekend of July 4, but home games would most definitely be played without fans inside stadiums. The Yankee may not even play their home games at Yankee Stadium this summer as MLB has reportedly given teams the option to play at their home ballparks or spring training facilities.

With parking lots not needed for baseball games, Uptown Drive-In wants to use the space for folks to gather in their cars to watch movies, listen to live music and experience car-side food service from local New York vendors.

Drive-in’s may be the only hope for movie lovers as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered our typical movie theaters. An old-time staple may now make a comeback as viewers can be entertained from their cars.

Ticket prices have not been announced but the organization states they are working with local partners to make sure this remains affordable for all New Yorkers. Some tickets will be reserved and given to nurses, doctors, EMS, police officers, among others, for free.

MASC Hospitality Group also runs other events through the Bronx and NYC area including the Bronx Night Market.


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