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Knicks preseason: another loss against Pelicans

The New York Knicks‘ dramatic preseason continues. With the exception of the first game against the Washington Wizards, Coach David Fizdale missed the remainder of the preseason. The last defeat came against New Orleans Pelicans, where the Knicks fought hard. In the end, however, the Pelicans took home the victory.

Despite the absence of the injured Zion Willamsons the Pelicans have managed to defeat the Knicks, who have nonetheless shown that they are growing. The Knicks have shown they never want to give up. With little time remaining, Julius Randle’s triples and Barrett’s return brought the Knicks within two. However, the late game push was insufficient to secure a victory. The Pelicans managed to hold on for the victory, but the fans should like the effort. In the end, it’s only a preseason game. The real test begins in only a few days.

The regular season is on the horizon, and the Knicks still have a lot to figure out. Potential problems in the locker room and configuring the rotation may seem like the early focus for this new loon squad. However, the larger picture is a champion, and the team has a lot to figure out before then. If the Knicks can’t they’re stuff together, the season could be compromised before it even starts.

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