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Philadelphia Union Maybe Winning The Cup


The Philadelphia Union won their Friday match 2-1 when they met Orlando City SC. The game was held at the Talen Energy Stadium. Philadelphia caught a break early in the game after Orlando’s Rafael Ramos weak clearance attempt of a cross back across. 

Sapong took the advantage of the cross and didn’t waste any time scoring two minutes into the first half. The game remained tight, and Orlando City seemed as they were going to change the tide after scoring the tying goal several minutes before halftime. Them team has been on fire this season and have improved a lot since 2015. So far the football betting odds of them becoming champions of the eastern conference are worth checking out.


Orlando’s Adrian Winter gave the team a sigh of relief and some hope after he finished the breakaway chance after Kevin Molino’s pass. From the way it appeared during the second half, the game would have ended as a draw.


However, Phillies Tranquillo Barnetta upped the ante for the Philadelphia Union through a free kick in the 90th minute. The free kick saw Union lead the game by the final whistle 2-1 which was received in jubilation by Union’s fans.



What Makes Union The Plausible Cup Winners?

We start with the Tranquillo Barnetta goal. As many punters and fans alike will agree, this is a goal that not only sealed Union’s victory but beautifully scored.


After coming in as a sub during the second half, Barnetta read the mood of the game and was fresh enough handing the Union the victory. However, not everyone was pleased with the goal including MLS Armchair Matt Doyle.


Matt is of the opinion that the goal shouldn’t have counted as some Philadelphia Union players seemed to line up behind the wall. Eventually, the ran towards the wall as Barnetta kicked the ball.


He questions whether their action was to confuse the goalkeeper and blindside him. Whether the goal should have been flagged as an offside is set to be a talking point in the coming days.


Besides Union’s win could also be attributed to the fact that Lion’s coach decided to keep Julio Baptista (former Brazilian international) benched until the 91st minute.


Baptista made his MLS debut as a substitute in the 91st minute. Punters argue that were he allowed to play only 45 minutes of the game; he might have upset Phillies win.


Since coaches are under no obligation of using the three substitutes at any given time, then we might have to wait to see how Baptista fairs on when he is given considerable play time.


For a moment, Philadelphia Union’s luck seemed to dwindle as Lion’s Winter nearly tied up the game. He almost netted a second goal with a blast inside the box seconds before the final whistle was blown.


However, Andre Blake’s strong form in the 2016 season saw him save Philly’s skin with a game-clinching shot save. So the reason the Philadelphia Union is on a path to winning the Cup is thanks to the team’s togetherness and fast thinking players.


Should they continue thinking fast and quick on their feet, they will upset several more teams, even stronger ones such as the Seattle Sounders whom they will meet on the 16th.


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