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Seth Rollins: Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim



This WWE network exclusive starts off with Seth Rollins arriving at the Extreme Rules PPV to make his comeback, after recovering from serious injuries a few months prior.

The look of glee and excitement of Seth face was priceless. Seth goes into detail to describe the injuries he obtained in Dublin, Ireland on November 4 against Kane. As Rollins went off the top rope, he felt a sharp pain in his knee when he landed, but continued to finish the match.

Rollins still didn’t think that it was serious. After being checked out by the doctors, he was told he tore his MCL, ACL and meniscus. The projected time for a full recovery would be six months. A heavily medicated Seth proclaimed after surgery, that he would be back to take the Heavyweight title from anyone who currently held it.

The first month of recovery after surgery was brutal. With pain creeping up on him with every workout Seth pushed through. Memories of watching wrestling with his brother and starting a backyard wrestling federation called ‘Extreme Hardcore Wrestling’ and having his first match with AJ Styles ran through his mind.

AJ saw something in Rollins early on, and gave a speech to the crowd after their match, declaring that the 19 year old rookie would be a big star in the business.

The retirement of Daniel Bryan really affected Seth Rollins, because it started to make him think that his match with Kane could have been the last. Everything could be lose with one bad move. Being told that he only had two months of rehab left, Rollins pushed and went through hellacious tests to make sure that compete Wrestlemania 32, however as time went by, he saw that that wouldn’t be a reality.

You could see the sadness in Seth’s eyes as he lands in Dallas to be there for the biggest event of the year and he can’t do anything but watch from the skybox. On May 11th , Seth made an video stating that Extreme Rules may be the PPV that he would be able to make his long awaited comeback.

A much happier Seth was impatiently waiting backstage at Exteme Rules and counting down the minutes until he could get that adrenaline rush again.

Rollins comes out after the match with AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. He pedigrees Reigns, making it clear that he wants that Heavyweight title.

I’m really excited that Seth is back and I can’t wait to see how his wrestling style has evolved and adapted to his body after injury. He went through a lot to come back and he has so much that he wants to prove in 2016, I’m just going to hang on and enjoy the ride!

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