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Things to Remember While Choosing the Best Golf Club

If you are interested in golf you are playing the game for a long time, then you must be aware of the fact that how important it is to choose the Best golf clubs because the golf club is considered to be good on the basis of its size and quality of the field.  Having the Best golf club under your sleeves would be also necessary for you in case you wish to improve your score in the game. The choice of the correct golf clubs along with solidified swings and good strategies would help you to bring perfection to this wonderful game. However, before you buy the Best golf club for yourself, it is very important to know about the features of each type of golf club. The clubs that are being made recently uses the latest technology which helps in delivering much better length and accuracy compared to the older versions of the golf clubs.

Types of Golf Clubs

There are six kinds of golf clubs. They have been listed below

  • Driver- this is the golf club that has the largest head and the shallowest face angle of the club of all the types of golf clubs with an exception to the putter. They mainly consist of long shafts and their purpose is to hit the ball off the tee, which is the very first shot of a hole, rather than hitting off the ground. Driver helps in driving the ball much farther than any other clubs and some holes are so small, that drivers are too big to be used for them.
  • Irons- they are basically thin club faces which gives much more loft delivery compared to the woods. The grooves that are present in the flat face of the club help it to generate backspins when the golf ball approaches the green. The spin coupled together with a higher loft gives a much higher probability of stopping the ball on the green.
  • Fairway Woods- the most common fairway wood consists of 3 kinds of wood or 5 kinds of wood. The higher the number of woods, the deeper would be the angle of the club face which would help in generating much greater loft.
  • Hybrid Clubs- this is a comparatively newer style of the club which has been designed taking inspiration from wood and an iron. Many people have found it much easier to use the hybrid clubs rather than using the long irons which has made it gain much popularity in the recent times. They have a comparatively greater loft than the fairway woods but with a much smaller head.
  • Putters- this is the only club which should be used on the greens. Unlike other golf clubs, putters have a flat face without a loft. There are different kinds of putter designs that you can definitely check out.
  • Wedges- they are basically a subset of iron which has the same shape. Having the shortest shaft and the severe most angle, wedges give much more loft with lesser distance

Buying the Best Golf Club – Here Are Few Things to Keep in Mind!

In order to buy the Best golf clubs for yourself, you should consider the following aspects

  • The thickness of the grip should be perfect for you and it should not restrict you from playing your best shots.
  • The shaft should be in accordance with your height, strength and built.
  • You should also check up on the lofts before choosing your Best golf club.
  • You can get club heads of different sizes but the oversized one is a great choice if you are a beginner.

These are the few things that will ensure that you buy the best golf club.

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