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Drivers Battle Rough Water in 50th Anniversary of Point Pleasant Offshore Powerboat Grand Prix

Miss Geico, Bounty Hunter, and Wazzup among winners in Point Pleasant.

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Gusty winds made for a challenging course off Point Pleasant Beach this past Sunday as 32 boats battled their way through the rough waters for the Offshore Powerboat Grand Prix.

This past weekend, the town celebrated the 50th anniversary of the race thanks to Mayor Stephen D. Reid, who ultimately brought the races back to the beach after he was elected four years ago. This would be the third race of the eight-race Offshore Powerboat Association series. Crowds of people headed to the beach area of Point Pleasant early Sunday afternoon to watch the boats fly out of the inlet for a grand entrance out to the ocean and to the course.

The first race began at 12pm and consisted of three classes: ProStock Vee, Class 6 and Class 7, 18 boats in all. The second race began at around 2pm and consisted of six classes: ClassOne USA, Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5, which included 14 boats. The course ran three miles, from Point Pleasant to Bay Head. The boats ran anywhere from six to 15 laps depending on their class.

The race consisted of a few surprises, upsets, and exciting wins.

Miss GEICO ran unopposed in ClassOne USA, allowing the team to take first place. In the ProStock Vee class, Phase 05 finished first, beating Done Deal and Typhoon, after finishing ninth at the race in Cocoa Beach. Wazzup and Strictly Business went head to head with Wazzup taking the first place spot for Class 3.

Saris Racing was the champion of Class 4 after beating Simmons Marine, whom was the first place winner at the last two races. Reinforcer took the first place spot with Bronx Phantom in second place and Specialized Racing in third for Class 5.  The winner for the Class 6, 70-mph group, was NuWave Marine with You Gun Learn in second and Smith Brothers in third.

Lastly, in Class 7, NJI Motorsports came up first followed by Chug It in second and Hangin N Bangin in third. Unfortunately, Bull on the Beach did not make it out to the race after running into engine issues in the inlet.

Here are the results from the Point Pleasant Beach race:

Class 7: NJI Motorsports

Class 6: NuWave Marine

Class 5: Reinforcer

Class 4: Saris Racing

Class 3: Wazzup

Class 2: Bull on the Beach

Class 1: Bounty Hunter

ProStock Vee: Phase 05

ClassOne USA: Miss GEICO

The next race is set for July 5-7 in Sarasota, Florida, the OPA’s fourth race of the season.



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