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UConn Football puts a bow on historically bad season

Well UConn did it. The UConn Huskies defense officially became the worst defense in college football history. They were blown out by Temple 57-7 and became the first team in decades to give up more than 50 points per game all season.  Officially, they averaged as a defense a 50.40 PPG against.

The Huskies defense also gave up the most yards in NCAA history. They were so bad that a pee wee football team could have racked up 500 yards against them. 615.2 yards per game given up. That is astounding.

There’s no point going over the game because quite honestly it doesn’t matter. The defense was historically bad, the offense was abysmal on Saturday, and the one glimmer of hope on the team, David Pindell, played his worst game of the season. He only had 15 completions and threw three interceptions.

Randy Edsall should be ashamed of himself. The UConn defense should be ashamed of themselves. This was a piss poor effort from the top down and the Huskies are in no way, shape, or form as bad as their record indicates. The excuse of “youth” only goes so far when you’re the worst team in college football.

It’s not even that UConn doesn’t have the resources. They aren’t Northern Iowa or some directional school in the MAC. They were in the Sugar Bowl? just a decade ago. There are no excuses when you have a big time college program. It doesn’t matter that UConn isn’t a football school. When you’re a major college, and we can lump Rutgers in here too, you absolutely cannot be this bad.

What’s the next step? Well, Randy Edsall and his entire staff should be fired but they won’t. The staff is going to preach patience as all their players are young. They’re going to say they’re going to improve. However, it’s all noise because at the end of the day this coaching staff doesn’t deserve to coach. So good riddance to the 2018 UConn Huskies football season. It was one for the ages, for all the wrong reasons.

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