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Bump N’ Run w/ KT: Giants In First Place And Fordham’s Edmonds Breaks Rushing Record

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A day late but never a dollar short, Bump N’ Run returns on a Tuesday after I had a bout with some stomach issues. The opinions never stopped however and this week’s article is full of what you have come to expect weekly. So let’s get started with the local NFL teams and their games this past weekend.


Giants Move Into First Place in NFC East


This bothered me all night Sunday into Monday. Did the New York Giants offense dominate the Dallas Cowboys? No. Did the New York Giants defense dominate the Dallas Cowboys? No. But at the end of the day, the New York Giants defeated the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday 27-20 and in the end that is all that matters.

It wasn’t pretty by any stretch. Eli Manning did not have a spectacular day passing and the running game was still non-factor with the exception of Orleans Darkwa in the second quarter scoring a touchdown. The defense let Darren McFadden run for over one hundred yards and Matt Cassel looked like New England Patriots Matt Cassel at times but the Giants secondary came up big when they needed to thanks to three Cassel interceptions. Dwayne Harris, who I called one of the worst free agent pickups ever, returned a kickoff for a TD and Big Blue recovered a muffed punt late in the game.

A win is a win so all the critics and radio hosts need to sit down and be quiet.


Jets Show Flashes In Loss To Patriots


As I mentioned above, a win is a win. However sometimes, a loss could actually be a good loss. For the New York Jets, their 30-20 loss to New England may actually have a silver lining. Yes Tom Brady sliced up the Jets defense with vintage Patriot short passes staying away from Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. But for the lack of stopping Brady, the Jets were above average in putting pressure on Brady and taking the run out of the Patriots playbook.

Sunday’s game showed that with a better quarterback than Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets could have won this game. Brandon Marshall dropped an easy six points and Chris Ivory was hampered by a bum hamstring but the Jets were still close to winning that game. Yes the Jets lost but at 4-2, the Jets are looking like a playoff team with a head coach in Todd Bowles whose attitude was one that the team needed after the bloviating Rex Ryan overstayed his welcome. We are only six games into the 2015 season but I think the Jets may be making noise for a while as long as they stay on this positive track.


Around The Country


  • Are we surprised that Greg Hardy showed a national audience who he really is? His sideline blow-up on Sunday just showed that he should not be in the NFL anymore. And the sheer fact that both Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are enabling him by making excuses and calling him “a leader” or that he was just showing his “passion” is a joke. And that is why the Dallas Cowboys will never win. This is what you get when you put winning in front of bringing in players with skill and character. You reap what you sow Mr. Jones and this going to blow up in his face even more.
  • We have our second major head coaching vacancy in college football after the University of Miami fired Al Golden after their 58-0 loss against Clemson. With USC’s opening, we have two major colleges looking for head coaches and frankly neither job is very appealing. Miami hasn’t been competitive in years and when they are, they are caught up in a scandal which results in sanctions for the school. USC’s job is worse because you are coaching in an environment (Southern California) with nothing but distractions and pitfalls. Add in that no high school players want to go to those schools anymore, which makes recruiting difficult if not impossible. You would almost rather coach at a FCS or MAC school where you can build something from scratch in your own vision. Good luck to the next coaches of Miami and USC, you will need it.
  • Shout-out to Fordham sophomore running back Chase Edmonds who ran for a Patriot League record 347 yards against Lehigh on Saturday. Edmonds also ran for three touchdowns leading the Rams to a 59-42 win to take them to 3-0 in league and 7-1 overall. The previous record was held by Lafayette’s Ross Schuemann who ran for 304 yards in 2014. Edmonds also tied the Division I mark (both FBS and FCS) this season as Lamar’s Kade Harrington ran for the exact amount of yards earlier this season. I mentioned Fordham a few weeks ago and said that they could be the biggest story locally and this performance just validates that thought.

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