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The most famous Philadelphia WWE female fighter


Out of the female wrestlers in the WWE circuit, Francine Fournier really caught our attention with a stunning career. If you want to find out everything there is to know about this prolific wrestler, keep on reading and you’ll feel like you personally know her. She was born on February 19, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and decided to start training to become a wrestler after watching a TV commercial for a training school back in 1993.

Professional career

She started working at her pro career by training with J. T. smith for approximately one year within the House of Hardcore. She then started working for Extreme Championship Wrestling and made the step towards TV apparitions when Paul Heyman, the owner of ECW gave her this opportunity.


She quickly climbed the ladder and became the on-screen girlfriend of Stevie Richards, however, this move angered his team partner Raven and, naturally, some really tasty catfights took place. After several confrontations, Richards decided to turn on Francine in order to make peace with Raven.

After this unpleasant moment, Francine decided to go ahead and ally with The Pitbulls tag team and also adopted a leather-clad persona to fir with the new team’s gimmick. She actually managed to lead the Pitbulls to victory against Richards and Raven and continued climbing the ladder until she finally entered WWE.

Achievements in the WWE circuit

She made the first appearance with the promotion of house shows, competing in bikini-contests but after a short while, she began with the role ofs the valet of Balls Mahoney in his fight against Kevin Thorn that already have help from Ariel. Francine returned on TV in 2006 in an episode of ECT on Sci Fi and soon after wrestled Ariel in an Extreme Catfight edition that she won with no real contest.

Her period of fame in the WWE circuit was quite short thought, since she was released from her contract in October 2006 without any official explanation or anything. Following the end of her WWE contract, Francine was forced to retire from wrestling since there are very few ex-stars that manage to survive in this tough industry.


Even so, she made some appearances with Women’s Extreme Wrestling and was also seen at a lot of autograph signings. Later on, she was the manager of Amber O’Neal in the WEW circuit and the last wrestling-related activity was the ECW reunion show called “Legends of the Arena” and that was about the end of her wrestling career.

Life after WWE

Just before quitting wrestling for good, Francine married Joseph Meeks in June 2008 and in July 2009 she delivered her first child. Her daughter is called Molly Rose and Francine said that she hopes that her daughter has nothing to do with wrestling. Her family got a new member shortly after her birthday in 2012 when Francine Fournier had her second child, a healthy bot – Joseph Connor.

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