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How to Make the Best Selection of Netball Bibs

Netball is a popular game, and people who are a fan of this game showcase their love in different ways. People wear netball bibs to showcase their love for this game. These bibs are just perfect and available in so many colorful options. Some of these are bright, and then you have subtle colors as well. Just go through all the available options, check out the features every product has, and then finally, you can choose the right one for your little kid out here or even for your own use. The more you get to research about the bibs with netball style in it, the better the options will get to your side.

Features That You Should Know:

Most of the online stores have these netball bibs in 7 or 8 specified colors:

  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink

These bibs will feature boldly printed regulations, white in color, and will cover the standard positions as well. Just to make these bibs last for a long time, there is some light in weight materials used for its manufacturing. Not only are these materials light in weight, but breathable at the same time. It means even if you sweat a lot while playing a round of netball, you will still feel cool and the bibs won’t stick to your body. If you look closely, you might get some mixed colored packs as well.

The Materials Used for Manufacturing These Bibs:

Netball bibs are made up of good quality fabric, which is breathable and lightweight. If you are planning to invest in these bibs, then you must know about the quality and the kind of fabric used for making it. Here is what you should know:

  • Nylon: It is one of the most common materials used for manufacturing these bibs. Only heavy-duty nylon of around 120gsm is used for such clothing material. One side comprises of fastened elastic, and there is Velcro on the other side. You have 2 lettered sides and it comes in a pack of 7.
  • Poly-Cotton: It is yet another example of the material used for making netball bibs. Only the heavy-duty poly-cotton drill is used for manufacturing these bibs and it comes with the same Velcro on one side and fastened elastic belt on the other. The colors over here are navy blue, red, black, royal blue, green, yellow, orange and more.

Another one option in here got to be reversible netball bib. It is made out of poly-cotton and comes handy with lettered 2 sides. There are two colors in one bib. Those color variations are emerald and black, blue and red, red and yellow, sky blue and navy, and red and navy.

Variations in The Sizes for You:

You can easily find a wide number of size options when you are out there to purchase netball bibs. These can be shortlisted based on age and size. The major change will be on the sizes, with the elastic joins remaining the same for all.

  • For the seniors, the standard vest size will be 37cm width x 47 cm in length.
  • For the juniors in here, the standard size s 31cm in width x 41 cm in length.


Just be sure to check everything possible about these netball bibs before taking the final call. Go through all the available options and finally select the one you like the most. The above-mentioned pointers will help you making the right choice when it comes to purchasing netball bibs. You must check the price and quality of fabric before making a purchase.

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