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The Boys in Red are Back in Black

Harrison, New Jersey – At the New York Red Bulls home opener game, it was nice to see how consistent some of the fans are; the Viking Army and the Empire Supporters Club were there for the kickoff, and it’s that in football, fans are the number 12 player.

Red Bull Arena implemented safe standing in the supporter section, the fans see it as an improvement for their experience.

New York Red Bulls did their job and won 3-2 against FC Cincinnati. The first goal of the season came from Kyle Duncan. His goal changed the ambience of the stadium. It made the game more interesting and exciting.

“It’s definitely good to score the first goal of the season (and) for the team as well,” said Duncan with a smile from ear to ear, his confidence entering this season is to another level. When asked, what team he is looking forward to play against, he said, “All of them, I am ready to go after all of them,” and then continued, “no other team is more important than the other.”

Duncan reiterated his happiness towards the new captain, Sean Davis. “I just want to stress that I am happy that Sean David get his first win of the season as captain,” and continues, “I am just happy to go after it with the boys.”

Marc Rzatkowski spoke about his interest in watching some games of Sky Blue FC, “I would like to watch the women here in our stadium,” said Rzatkowski. “It will be cool.”

This team looks fresh and ready to go and the fans are standing there by their side.

As of now, the New York Red Bulls are seating number one at the Eastern Conference table, followed by Atlanta United.

Their next home game will be March 28 against Orlando City.

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