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Things To Watch Out For When You Are A Division 1 Athlete: From A Former Athlete

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Being a big time athlete in a college environment gives more opportunities than many people in the general public think. With all of these opportunities there are also negative opportunities as well that can take a once promising division 1 NCAA career and end up playing at a small school well below the talent of the athlete. The following will be opinions that can help athletes make the best decisions possible. Some of this may be disagreeable to certain people but in the personal experience that I have, these are the outlooks that I have developed.

Choose A School For A Coach

Some coaches are not journeymen like others and many people have heard about players signing at a school then the coach leaving the next week. Choosing a school for a coach is a GOOD idea, many might disagree but trusting the person who will run your life for 20 plus hours a week is important. A discord between a coach and player can lead to a potential professional career fizzling out or it can lead the player to discontinue participating in the sport. While most people tend to pick a school on former performances or how they are a great athlete factory, I implore the athlete to take a look at the coach alone as well as the other athletic staff.

Know Your Supplements

Supplements are a great way to recover as well as boost performance. Making sure that the brand you are using is NCAA compliant will not only give you piece of mind but also keep you out of a possible suspension for a positive test. Personally, I used to shop for supplements online from Supps R Us because other countries have more availability and FDA type regulations on supplements whereas the United States has athletes every year failing tests for not knowing what was in their supplements. Supplements are great for athletes that cannot get all of their nutrients from their diet or because they are busy with practice or class.

Social Media Faux Pas

When I was in school, the second year the athletic department started really cracking down on things via social media. Just a swipe of a smartphone with an insensitive remark or comment on something happening in the world can cost an athlete eligibility and good standing with their team. In the past, as long as an athlete didn’t say something dumb to a reporter or the media then they were safe. Keeping accounts private is a good way to keep unwanted eyes out of your social media accounts. With the emerging platforms, some coaches at certain colleges have just outlawed having any form of social media as not much positive attention comes from this.

As you can see, being a division 1 athlete has advantages but small mistakes can lead to this opportunity being squandered quickly. Keeping in mind that there are eyes on you at all time is the most important thing that can be remembered when you are a big time athlete at a university.

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