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NYCFC, Giovanni van Bronckhorst the right coach to ensure continuity

New York City FC chose the Dutch coach

There are no more doubts. Giovanni van Bronckhorst will be the next coach of New York City FC. His name was already linked to New York during the past season, when Dome Torrent was going through a difficult time. Now that Torrent and New York City FC have parted, Bronckhorst will take over the vacant position. New York City FC chose the Dutch coach, both for his accomplishments as a coach with Feyenoord and strategic approach to the game.

Building Continuity

Bronckhorst’s experience is limited, having only for four seasons with Feyenoord. However, his five trophies as a coach speak results speak to his clear talent and ability. Aside from the hardware, Bronkhirst demonstrated strategic thinking, which is of special importance to New York. The team’s goal is to continue to the work done by Torrent. Bronckhorst  can fit in seamlessly, preferring the 4-3-3 on most wings. NYC FC likely wants a smooth transition, and bringing in Bronkhorst ensures that.

Without a doubt, Torrent did a great job as a New York coach. Bringing in a completely distinct coach would be disadvantageous to the franchise. However, a coach that can build on the current infrastructure is exactly why Bronckhorst was brought on. To advance the team into a new era of winning is exactly the goal of the team. Only time will tell if he will be able to do just that.

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