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David Villa is Optimistic with New Coach Domènec Torrent

The departure of Patrick Vieira to New York City FC has undoubtedly shaken the whole environment. For some time, there has been talk of his possible return to Europe. Even the denials of the same french coach, eventually his transfer came true. Vieira has left New York City to try the experience in Europe on the bench of Nice.

David Villa admitted the news that has not been well received in the locker room of the City. The captain called the departure of Viera, “bad news.” But at the same time, he welcomed the new coach Domènec Torrent. Nobody in the club knows Domènec better than Villa. In fact, the Spanish striker has already worked with Domènec during his time with FC Barcelona, also achieving great results. Nine trophies won by Villa at Barça with Domènec, second coach of Pep Guardiola.

Precisely for this reason, Villa looks confidently to the future and has tried to convey the same feeling to the team. According to Villa,

“NYCFC could not make better choices than taking Domenèc Torres as a coach,” said Villa. “A soccer man.”

Knowing the football practiced by the teams of the current Manchester City coach, there is more optimism in New York City FC over Domènec’s work. A coach who has been fundamental to the growth of David Villa as a player and that, as all the Blues fans hope, can also help the City to grow and win.

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