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New York City FC, another goalkeeper for an even more uncertain market

Weird market that of New York City FC. A defender and a goalkeeper arrived via the MLS SuperDraft. In particular, with the arrival of Luis Barraza, there are now four goalkeepers on the roster. A high number considering that as a goalkeeper can play only one and that, usually, the second goalkeeper has the opportunity to play only in case of disqualification or injury of the first goalkeeper.

An unclear choice is to bet on another goalkeeper. Despite this, in Chicago for the Super Draft the climate seemed very relaxed with Claudio Reyna and Dome Torrent smiling and confident of their choices. Probably they have already planned what will be the next market operations of the club that urgently needs reinforcements.

For the moment, however, uncertainty reigns among the fans who were expecting a completely different market for a new season that must finally be the winning one for New York City FC.

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