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NYCFC, back to winning otherwise it’s trouble

It will definitely not be an easy game for New York City FC against D.C.United. The Domenec Torrent team is preparing to challenge the fittest team and leader of the conference. As the Blues coach said, it will be a tough game for the team. “They are the conference leaders, it won’t be a simple game and that’s why we’re training hard”, Torrent said.

Torrent admits that New York will find several difficulties, but at the same time he indicates the road to follow: “We have to repeat the performance against Minnesota. That was a crazy game, we kept control but in the end we gained only one point. The performance was good and we have to repeat it, but this time we will also have to win”, said the City coach.

New York City FC desperately needs points. The Torrent team still has never won, it is the only club that has not yet won a victory. The situation is critical in this respect, New York City FC has an extreme need to win. Domenec Torrent did not hide behind this problem. The Spanish alliance has admitted that, as far as the ranking is concerned, New York is in trouble.

The championship is still long, but at the moment New York City FC would be out of the playoffs. The City must change pace as soon as possible, returning to winning would give everyone confidence and help win again. Victory is the only medicine New York City FC needs to recover from a dark and negative period that the Blues can no longer afford.

The Blues will try against D.C.United. Surely he is not the best opponent to find the first victory, but New York City FC has no alternative if not to go back to conquer the three points.

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